CBBC Drama programmes include Grange Hill, Byker Grove, The Story of Tracy Beaker and Kerching!.

Original ideas for the CBBC Commissioning Rounds should go direct to CBBC, and experienced writers with television credits can send writing samples direct to CBBC.

However, new writers without television credits should send original writing samples to writersroom for consideration.

Guidelines for New Writers

When writing drama for children, it’s always crucial to ask yourself:

  • Is a child at the centre of the drama?
  • Will it appeal to our 6–12 age range?
  • Will it appeal to both girls and boys?
  • Does it resonate with contemporary young lives?
  • Will child performers realistically be able to perform your work?It helps to watch the output of CBBC, CiTV, cable and satellite channels to get a real sense of what appeals to the contemporary audience.

    A good story or play must hold the interest of the audience, so start with something exciting. Keep the plot of the story going all the time, otherwise the audience will get bored. Don’t let the characters do too much talking – you need plenty of action too. Everything the characters do or say should tell the audience something about them or the story. Keep the scenes short.

    Although plays should seem lifelike to the audience, if actions and conversations take as long as they would in real life the audience will lose interest. You have to write in a style much shorter and crisper than real life would be. Try and make your characters talk in their own way – if they talk like the writer would talk, they are not as interesting.

    Take a look at the CBBC schedules and website for further information.

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